Statement Piece: The Chandelier

Just like a statement necklace elevates your trusty t-shirt and jeans, a great lighting piece can elevate any design scheme!These days, chandeliers don’t have to be relegated uber-opulent design schemes. Not only can a classic chandelier can feel modern and fresh in the right setting, but you can find them in all shapes and sizes – modern and minimal all the way to over-the-top elegance.

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1.Bright  2.Elegant  3.Delicate  4.Industrial  5.Exotic 6.Streamlined

Styling an Entryway: Classic Statement

There are a lot of ways to style an entryway, but it should always be a balance of form and function, welcome you home, and get you out the door on time!

Today we’re styling a classic and elegant entryway that packs a punch but feels warm and welcoming.


A console with graceful lines like this dark chocolate number adds interest and keeps the look classic. A pair of metallic stools add a bit of function – pull out to slip on a pair of boots or tie those running shoes – and a hit of shine. Symmetrical lamps really pack a punch on a console, and an elegant statement pair like these with a strong black shade will elevate your look. Some tall blooms add height, impact, and an element of nature to your entryway.

Finish with a few clean-lined finishing touches: a tray that corrals grab-and-go items and a mirror to open up the space, and you have a classic entryway that shines!


A Radiant 2014

The reports are in, and Pantone has crowned another year with another color. Their pick this year? Radiant Orchid. It’s a hue that’s especially relatable to interior design – as Pantone points out, it captures undertones from multiple color families – fuchsia, purple, and pink – making it extra versatile and a good evocation of creativity. Reading Pantone’s positively glowing descriptions of the color – “blooms with confidence,” “magical warmth,” “intrigues the eye and sparks the imagination,” “creative and embracing,” “draws you in with its beguiling charm,” “emanates great joy, love and health,” – personally, it brings to mind this image:

Prince William and Kate

Yes, the Duchess. What better evokes the above qualities? In my orchid-inspired 2014, I want to focus on the simple glowing elegance, warmth, and joyful youthfulness that the color can bring.

Some practical ways you can bring some orchid-inspired color into your interiors in 2014?

1. Accentuate that Architecture

Purple hues bring out architectural detail and structured pieces in a gorgeous way – a bright purple can make a bold, refreshing statement, while a more understated hue will brim with comfort, confidence and warmth. For classic and simple elegance, go with a much deeper purple.

PANTONE Color of the Year 2014 - Radiant Orchid decor

Bright and Bold

PANTONE Color of the Year 2014 - Radiant Orchid decor

Simple, Comfortable and Warm

PANTONE Color of the Year 2014 - Radiant Orchid decor

Classic Elegance

2. Say it with Flowers

An obvious connation of orchid is its connection to nature at its most lush and bountiful – a good reminder of how just bringing the outside in can renew a whole space. Do it simply with a plentiful bunch of blooms or make a more lasting impact with a beautiful art piece.

PANTONE Color of the Year 2014 - Radiant Orchid decor

Interior Decor -- Radiant Orchid Painting

Orchids against botanical prints

3. Go for some Glow

There’s a reason they call it radiant – just look at how that purple makes an already radiant princess glow even more brightly! Maximize its vibrant qualities by going for orchid-inspired lighting – try something with fuchsia or violet undertones. This can translate to any style from mod to regal, and add instant youthful elegance or playful glamour.

Diamond cut Crystal decanter lamp with fuschia silk shademodern table lamps by Lamps Plus - gorgeous fuschia $185Violet lamp and black and grey drawingType 1228 Desk Lamp Violet  Anglepoise

Four Ways to Cozy Up to Fall

Fall is in full swing, and we all want to add that extra bit of warmth in our homes as the temperature cools. Here are four basic ways to incorporate a fall feel, whether your taste runs rustic or luxe.

1. Cozy Textures



2. Sophisticated Warmth – Jewel Tones and Metallics



3. Equestrian Prints

Jacobson7 Jacobson6

4. Spicy Ethnic-Inspired Warmth



Wake Up Your Walls

We all know that great bones are the best starting point for a room. But not every home is bestowed with interesting bones – and we’ve all dealt with or seen downright coma-inducing walls. Walls that are so featureless that they defy any solid color. Sure, you can still make the space interesting using the right design elements, but what about the walls themselves? Well, fear not – there are so many options to be found for waking up your walls in a unique way that you have no excuse for resigning yourself to your bland-wall-induced stupor.


First of all, an obvious choice is wallpapering the room. Beautiful wallpaper is in plentiful supply, and anything but boring or dowdy, ranging from animal inspired motifs to sharp graphic patterns.


A great do-it-yourself option is painting your own wallpaper – really, it’s possible. Not only are wall stencils vastly cheaper and available in a variety of looks, but you can easily play with layout and color – talk about creative control.


Take the opportunity to add a unique touch – using a metallic paint could instantly add luxe and glamour.

Or play with using a chalkboard paint – building texture right onto your wall.


Framing a large chunk of wallpaper is a beautiful way to liven up the walls. It brings so much more impact than a piece of ordinary wall art, and looks great in panels.




 Bonus: it’s the perfect way to affordably work in a wallpaper that you completely love.


Moulding can add flair in any number of imaginative ways. Some clever ideas here.


I love the fresh innovation of an ombré wall – heck with deciding which chip on the paint strip to go with – use ’em all! This grand idea is from DIY expert Erica Domesek.


Maps in a room are sophisticated but don’t have to be stuffy – they’re exciting and interesting, like this wallpaper-esque collage of tacked on maps. (Walked through here.)


And check out the graphic punch that this map mural packs onto this wall! (DIY here.)

Roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty (or at least chalkboard-paint-splattered) and liven up your walls!

Spotlight On: The Acrylic Coffee Table

If you haven’t noticed yet, acrylic coffee tables are popping up everywhere in some of the most beautifully designed homes. And there is a reason that these modern beauties work in almost any space – completely translucent, they take up absolutely no visual room, and work with absolutely any scheme. They add a slight edge to the most traditional of rooms and combine surprisingly well with any style from glam vintage to urban sleek. Where coffee tables are concerned, it’s the ultimate no-fail solution!

Acrylic9Acrylic12  Acrylic13




Interior Design When It Sizzles

The 1964 film “Paris When It Sizzles” was not particularly well received when it hit the big screen, and not undeservedly – it is as one critic described it: “contrived, utterly preposterous and totally unmotivated.” Audrey Hepburn, arrayed in a myriad of Givenchy stunners as she flits about “scriptwriter” William Holden’s spacious Paris apartment, brightens things up a bit, as does a hilarious cameo by Hollywood legend Tony Curtis. But the real star of the film – and what makes it halfway watchable – is the stunning apartment that Hepburn and Holden inhabit during half the film (when they’re not lost in fantasy-flashbacks in which they’re fighting trench-coated spies and chasing vampires…like I said, not an Oscar contender.)

It’s apparent that a considerable amount of thought went into the apartment’s set design, in which each new camera angle reveals another impeccably decorated nook of cool French-glam. Basically, it’s the Paris apartment you’ve always dreamed of. I couldn’t help seeing if I could find pieces that evoke some of the feel of that apartment in modern terms. Anyone in the market for a luxuriously decorated Paris apartment?



1. Wall Art 2. Chest 3. Lantern

Sitting Area


1. Lamp 2. Mirror 3. Settee 4. Accent Table 5. Rug

Living Room


1. Sofa 2. Table 3. Sconce 4. Bar Cart 5. Rug



1. Headboard 2. Mirror 3. Ottoman 4. Rug