Just a day in the life….

I’m often teased about the glamourous life of a designer (as I began typing this my 10 year old  barged in, informed me of what a hideously inadequate  mother I am and slammed the door )  — does the kid have timing or what?? — So I thought I’d let you in on a little of the work that goes on in a day around them (t)here parts (said in my best John Wayne voice)…

Here’s my desk today.  Not glamourous at all exclusive of the gorgeous lamp I bought last winter. It’s got a crystal rock base and an intricately floral  embrodered silk shade in my favorite blue hue  which makes me oh so happy (apparently cobblers children have no shoes but they do have expensive, gorgeous lamps.) So, despite how  type A , obsessive compulsive, anal retentive  I claim to be  about organization and orderliness, this is usually what my working area looks like (it’s also indicative that I actually have work   — therefore I’m also very thankful for the mess).

God Bless this mess....

The other angle


Sketching, drawing, conceptulaizing spaces for clients; its the language of design and how  I communicate. Unfortuanately I’m not very good at (the sketching part)  and really wish I was. If I TRY it looks like this:





and I DREAM about my drawings looking like this:

But they USUALLY look like this….

Drawing is a minor peice of the puzzle however. Conceptualizing  on the other hand is what sets designers apart from other creatives. It’s how you customize a space for each client that makes it unqiue and special (fortunately this part I am good at).


New design projects often involve a bit of courting and dating — opening a clients  eyes to  fresh ideas and getting them on board.   Once they’ve  committed it really becomes a marriage of sorts. I am recently embarking on a  new  relationship with the Smith’s. New construction, clean modern lines, great space. They are deviating from their overly  traditional “go to” aesthetic to something more transitional  so I’m very excited about this one.


Conceptualizing (envisioning the space) is something that few are able to do well. I’m working on a home  office project right now and  we’re re-covering the walls in a gorgeous slightly pink  color sisal wallpaper. The starting point was an amazing  pink  toned  oriental rug I purchased from Safaveih in NYC. We’re utilizing  the clients own modular office system  but embelishing the room with an romantic  capiz shell chandelier and yummy cream colored custom designed chaise lounge… the process of drumming  up  all those ideas  is what’s called  conceptualization. And why  I am   brain dead at the end of the day  get paid the big bucks. *cough cough*


Making the concept reality is called specifying. Sourcing  the  furniture, fabrics and finishes that you have “conceptualized” takes time and care. Once I’ve presented concepts to a client and they approve I assign all details to various suppliers to get quotes. This phase is the lions share of time spent on a a project as the devil is in the details. Every change the client makes in the specifications necessitates  revisions to things like the RFQ (request for quote)  PO (Purchase order) CFA (cutting for approval) which also adds time to the project. Most clients are able to review the choices and make a decision. Others need more time and more choices which is okay but impacts timing and budget.  This project moved very quickly and efficiently   in the ‘specifiying’ stage and turned out just amazing for  one of my  very favorite clients! Really exciting.


Installing is hugely stressful the big payoff! Coordinating deliveries, making sure everything arrives on time,  in perfect condition and  the client loves the outcome  is the final phase of design. For larger projects, I usually kick the client out  so I can unpack, arrange and stage thier new space accordingly — I love it when they are surprised!  I’m continuing to finish up details and installations for this local project.  It’s all coming together just beautifully. I love this part!

so there you have it! GLAM -O -RAMA at its best!