Local Artist Jolinda Linden’s select works available this week at Bellevue’s Haystack Antiques!

Amongst many, one  of the best things about my job are the awesome artists and craftspeople my world collides with. Artist  Jolinda Linden, is case in point. I had the beautiful pleasure of meeting her acquaintance   last year via a mutual friend. Aside from the ironic fact that  she lives in a home my husband and  I built and designed 10 years ago, she’s not only wildly talented but drop dead gorgeous. Almost to the point that you wish you could dislike her but damn….  turns out she’s NICE too! ugh….  not just nice, but genuine nice … then you see her works and  game over. You’re sold.

The uber- talented and beautiful Jolinda Linden

For those of you that know or are familiar with her  you get what I’m talking about . For those that don’t  her art is best described as “two-dimensional” sculpture.  Comprised  of small  unique ceramic components that are meticulously hand created  into multi-level compositions her fantastic works are showcased in galleries across the US and Canada and sell for  thousands … but (and here’s the clincher  for the rest of us)  you can have a piece of Jolinda through The Jolinda Linden Studio Sale hosted at Haystack Antique on Old Main in Bellevue (Debbie Nordstrom’s  new and adorable  temporary “pop-up”  location cross from 7-11).

Haystack Anqtiques location on Main Street across from 7-11. Cute huh?

This studio sale is a  compilation of Jolinda’s remnants of larger works and installations  and available beginning Thursday August 3rd at 11:00 am.  Ranging in size from 8 x 8 to 11 x 13 inches these  renditions are  priced far below gallery at only $200 – $250.  Also for sale are her uniquely designed  photo albums and greeting cards; creative gems in themselves!  Here’s a sneak peek … so grab a slurpee, come on over to Haystack on Thrusday and don’t miss out on this special opportunity!