The Art of Window Treatment

Window treatments – that oft overlooked design element – can be hugely impactful to great room design. It tends to be the last thing we think about (much to the room’s detriment!) when we plan our design. Simply put, they’re one of the best ways to help express a unique design aesthetic and punch up the room’s personality.

There are tons of reasons to consider your window treatment, but first, please consider The Golden Rule of drape placement.

DON’T:                                                                          DO:


These two windows are exactly the same size, but the window on the right looks much larger. This, my friends is the secret to hanging draperies. Always, always, hang your drapes to the ceiling! Where possible, extend the drapes wider horizontally. This will make so much difference folks! Just say no to bad drape placement.

So, what are the advantages of a great window treatment?

Practicality. Most people want the option of privacy and the added insulation provided by window treatments.

Closing drapes and blinds provide greater insulation around windows against both outdoor heat and cold, and could save you as much as $10 PER WINDOW annually on your heating/cooling bill!

Drama. Nothing says drama like floor-to-ceiling panels of creamy, luxurious fabric, and there is no more obvious way to add airy drama in flash.

dramatic drapes

Personality. Window treatments are just another way to express your design aesthetic and style – pick something fun that complements your design but expresses a different side of your style!

Patterned Drapes to flank, Light Chiffon ones... for bedroom    If you are the one struggling with how to arrange a long, narrow living room, you may know it better as “the bowling alley.” When we were looking at houses several years ago, we kept seeing these long, open spaces, and inevitab

Continuity. See how the drapes below really carry the design through the whole room? They complement the accent colors, shapes, and patterns, creating a far more cohesive look.

Patterned drapes around the bed, and a comfortable couch nearby.

Texture. Texture is a great tool to help a design feel more complete – especially if you’re going for a more subtle look, textured window treatments add an extra layer of interest.

Cream walls and drapes and a toned down blue and beige color palette works perfectly because of the pattern play and the bold rug and daybed choices.

Pattern. In case you hadn’t noticed, window treatments are a fabulous way to introduce all types of pattern – they cover a ton of surface area, but are an easier and safer way to incorporate pattern than a wallpaper or large furniture piece.

great colors - drapes + wall color (+ some pops of color on wall perhaps?)

Color. Beautiful bright drapes all but eliminate the need for any other accent color in the room – how easy is that?

Colored drapes


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