The Perfect (and Personal) Home Fragrance

I don’t know about you, but one of the first things I notice when I walk into someone’s home is the smell – for better or worse. Whether it’s a great scent like freshly baked bread or fresh flowers, or a less pleasant experience – home scent can make the first impression when you step in the door. More importantly, home fragrance can increase your enjoyment of your home, invigorate you, relax you, and affect the ambience that surrounds your day-to-day life.

So says one of the best among home fragrance companies – Antica Farmacista, whose wonderland of products with luscious names like Prosecco and Casablanca could tempt anyone to break the bank stocking up on scents for every room and occasion. Since becoming Friends with Antica Famacista co-owner, Shelley Callaghan (and her generosity in lavishly supplying my own home and office with their amazing products)  I’ve been  intrigued by all the ways they allow for their customers to shop for fragrance – not only by room of the house and fragrance-element, but more fascinating (and mostly, more fun) by personality type. Because if you’re going to add a fragrance to your home, it should be personal!

Here are three fragrance personality profiles that may inspire your home fragrance choice – you can see the many more in detail on Antica Farmacista’s website.

 The Romantic

LOVE this for my stairway landing. Like the open look, the gold. Aqua and gold Entry hall idea  - (Thibaut Design - Thibaut wallpaper, gold sunburst mirror, gold demilune table and ...)

The romantic – you love to be transported, you love a good story. Your décor reflects that, and you love a fragrance that can tell a new story within your home. Among the gorgeous scents suggested at Antica Farmacista are the light, refreshing, “Acqua,” the delicious-sounding “Ala Moana,” (it means “path to the sea”) and the soft “Peonia, Gardenia & Rosa.

The Naturalist

lovely dining room.

If you fill your home and your life with natural textures, simple styles, fresh and soothing colors, try a naturalistic fragrance to match. Fill your home with the fresh scent of natural elements. At Antica they suggest “Green Fig,” “Grapefruit,” or “Sandalwood Amber.

The Classic

office, desk

Tried-and-true classics, those quality elements that stand the test of time and don’t bend with fashions and trends – if this is what fills your home and your life, you’re a classic! Go with a fragrance that reflects that like “Casablanca,” “Prosecco,” or “Orange Blossom” (my personal favorite).

There are many ways to choose a home fragrance, but the most important thing is to choose a fragrance that not only reflects your personality but sets the mood that you want for your home – whether you want to feel invigorated, refreshed and energized, cozy and relaxed, or centered and familiar.