Two is better than one?

We  layer our  clothes. We layer our desserts.  We layer our  bed (extra blanket? …. yes please!)  …

but the floor? The last great layering frontier has been conquered, thanks to designers willing to think outside the box when it comes to rugs.

Love the zebra hide over the Moroccan rug! Domino Magazine.

I first noticed this layering thing years ago in the now extinct (boo hoo) Nov ’08 issue of Domino Magazine — featuring  Jenna lyons (J. crew’s adorable creative director) and her drool-worthy  NYC loft. Do you remember seeing this  dazzling living room and the zebra  hide layered over a vintage  moroccan shag?

Then I re-discovered the look again  while   on my semi recent  trip to NYC. (From a design perspective I haven’t reported much from that jaunt  as the  focus  was  first and foremost to triumphantly conquer  ok, more like slog through the world’s greatest  marathon) —  Nonetheless I had a few additional days, post race,  to limp around do what I really love,  and visit some of my favorite design shops. One of which,  the ever famous ABC carpet and home, where I saw tons of this rug layering … again.  Then a painful hobble  to NYC’s Safaveigh Rugs, The Rug Co. and the NewYorkDesignCenter solidified  this  trend   as  full throttle ahead!

limping or no limping, it happened to be beautiful weather on my Rug shopping excursion. Love NYC in Novemeber!

Fill in the blanks! When you seriously love a rug but it doesn't quite cover the area you need it to, it's prime for layering. Stick a simple rug underneath in a natural material (jute, rattan or seagrass work well) to cover the difference.

Dress up an ordinary (and the sadly overused) seagrass floorcovering.

The vibrancy of this rug would be diminished if placed directly on the similarly toned hardwoods. Amber Interior Design.

Layering at an angle adds a bit of sass! Although personally I'd have to supress the urge to straighten it.

An eclectic look for sure! Decofabulous Blog. wonder who that lukcy "n" is?

Traditional interiors can pull off the look as well -- here it was even executed on wall to wall carpeting.

I Love the fringe on this vintage morrocan rug. Interiors by Tom Delvan. For Traditional Home. (oh and there's that plant again!)

As a whole, I’m intrigued by  the look.  The lush quality, the mixing & matching,  the textural interest that results and the definition  of space  it gives to an entire  room .  At least for the winter months, could toes be happier?